Teh Oarsum

A blog by Anthony Briggs about gaming, coding and rorting the system.

Blog reboot and the release of Shithead

I've rebooted my blog, and at the same time released my new static blogging tool called Shithead, designed to be as simple as possible.

Know your customer - aka. the crazy, rabid squirrel

Learn the two rules behind every successful business. The first is to make money. The second is to stay away from crazy customers. Easier said than done, so how do you keep your sanity, your free time and your money in the face of narcissistic personality disorder?

You're in Facebook jail!

Nobody cares about their data any more. Just stick it up in "the cloud" and forget it. And it's getting worse, not better - 40% of internet traffic goes to the largest 10 domains. That means that when you get pissed off with Facebook or MySpace, there's nowhere else to go - even if you could get your data out in an accessible form.

The Weasel guide to Settlers of Catan part three - The second half, and some dirty, dirty tricks

How to get into a winning position in the middle game, and maneuver for the win in the final game. Destroy your enemies with a steady drip, drip, drip of dirty tricks and oneupmanship.

The Weasel guide to Settlers of Catan part two - The First Half

This time, we're going to look a bit harder at some of the tactics that you can use to make your opponents' lives harder. Find out how to win big on your initial placement, use that to streak into the lead and figure out who your closest rival is so you can crush them.

The Weasel guide to Settlers of Catan part one - The Strategies

Learn some basic strategies that you can use to win a game of Settlers. Most of the time you can use a couple of them together, but sometimes you can win just using one. Discover their strengths, and how to annoy other players who try to use these strategies against you.

"Cheating" and game design

You don't want people scripting your game, getting lots of goodies, and having an unfair advantage. But once you look a bit closer at the game and the business models involved, things start to look a bit murkier.